Teaching Characterization in The Hunger Games

Teaching Characterization in The Hunger Games

Here are some notes and a task you can use when teaching characterization in The Hunger Games:


Characterization is the method through which an author reveals and develops the personalities of characters within a text.

There are two categories (direct and indirect) and three types of characterization:

1. Direct Characterization – This occurs when the narrator makes direct statements about a character.
Ex. He was a brooding, temperamental teacher with a penchant for inflicting scholastic suffering.

2. Indirect Characterization – This occurs when the words and actions of a character reveals aspects of his/her personality.
Ex. “I hate old people and children – they always need help,” he said with a sneer.

3. Indirect Characterization – We also learn about characters from the words and actions of other characters.
Ex. “My brother can be a real jerk when his friends are around. Let’s go to your house instead,” suggested Emily.


Find an example of each type of characterization in The Hunger Games.

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  1. Laura T says:

    Wow, this was really helpful. I appreciate the info without some crazy sales pitch. Lets see if my summer class will get into this. 🙂

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