Social Media and The Hunger Games

If your students are anything like mine, they know more about social media than you do.  Or maybe I’m the only neophyte left.  In any case, despite my ignorance, I’ve had wonderful success using elements of social media technology in my class, especially with The Hunger Games movies and other games as well, since as students we love to play games including slot games in sites like obscure sound online that has some great offers for this.

Here’s a list of ways you can use your students infatuation with social media to your advantage while teaching The Hunger Games:

  • Facebook Profiles – Have your students create Facebook profiles for characters from the novel. They should include photos, interests, friends, likes, status updates, etc.
  • Twitter Feed – Students choose a character and periodically write tweets from this character’s perspective.  The tweets should demonstrate an understanding of important elements in the story at each interval.
  • Pinterest – Students create pinterest pages for one of the characters in The Hunger Games.  The page should include links that reveal aspects of the character’s personality.

Each of these activities are great for exploring character.  They provide a great venue for students to show high-level thinking and demonstrate their understanding of character and other literary elements.  My Hunger Games Unit Plan includes detailed instructions for these and other great lessons for The Hunger GamesClick here for more info.

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  1. Tom Waters says:

    Thanks for the great ideas on using social media technology with The Hunger Games. I have already done facebook profiles with this and other novels, but I hadn’t thought of doing a twitter feed or a pinterest page. Looking forward to both. Thanks.

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