Ideas for Teaching The Hunger Games


  • Discuss reality television shows, how they can be exploitive, and what they say about the participants and the viewers.
  • Learn about wilderness survival with an internet scavenger hunt.
  • Research dictatorships and oppressive regimes around the world.
  • Look at other examples of post-apocalyptic film and literature.


  • Students draw and label a detailed map of District 12.
  • Students create a map of Panem.
  • Students create a 3D map of Panem using anything from plasticine to pasta.
  • Discuss and write about the atmosphere in The Hunger Games.  How does Collins set the tone and feel of District 12 and life there?


  • Create a plot diagram for the novel.
  • Use chapter questions to ensure comprehension.
  • Use discussion questions to ensure students get the more subtle elements of the story.


  • Students create a character chart with descriptions of important characters in The Hunger Games.
  • Create a collage of images and symbols that represent aspects of a character’s life and personality.
  • Create music playlists for characters from The Hunger Games.  Include music that they might like and that represents aspects of their personality.
  • Create a facebook page for one of the important characters from The Hunger Games.
  • Create a twitter feed for one of the characters with tweets from various points in the story.
  • Write a character sketch for one of the important characters.


  • Create a theme collage with images and symbols representing one of the central messages in the text.
  • Write theme statements for the novel.
  • Write a post-card story that conveys a theme similar to one from The Hunger Games.
  • Make connections between Panem and oppressive societies in our world today.

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2 Comments to “Ideas for Teaching The Hunger Games”

  1. Caroline B. says:

    Thanks for the great list of ideas. Can’t wait to teach The Hunger Games this summer.

  2. Wendy says:

    Very useful suggestions. Like so many others, most of my students have read or seen The Hunger Games, and now is the chance to really focus on critical thinking.

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