Hunger Games Paragraph Topics

Paragraph Topics for The Hunger Games

The following eight questions are perfect for paragraph writing prompts.

1. How is Panem an “oppressive” country?

2. Compare the exploitation committed by the Capitol against the Districts to an example of exploitation in our history or in the world today.

3. Why do think Haymitch drinks so much? Why has he let himself go?

4. What does the popularity of the Hunger Games say about the people who watch it?

5. How is decorating Rue with flowers a sign of protest?

6. What role does karma play in the games?

7. Why is Katniss afraid of winning?

8. Would a TV show like The Hunger Games be popular in our society?

Use these questions periodically throughout your Hunger Games unit.  Have your students write full paragraphs using proper structure:

Step 1 – Answer the question in a simple, clear sentence.
Step 2 – Explain your answer using specific examples from the text.
Step 3 – Finish your paragraph with another strong statement that answers the question.

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